1. Where do you ship From?

We manufacture and ship from Rhode Island, U.S.A.

2. How do I maintain my hardware?

Clean using a mild (non-abrasive) soap and warm water with a soft cotton cloth. Rinse with warm water and dry with a clean soft cotton cloth. The use of any other type of cleaning products or procedure other than what we have recommended may result in damage to the product and void any written or implied warranty. Please note that while we consider the quality of our finishes to be superior, all finishes wear over time.

3. From what material are your knobs & handles made?

Carpe Diem products are made of lead free pewter.

4. Does Carpe Diem products ship with screws and will you provide longer screws if need?

Yes. Knobs, pulls and handles contain 1"-8/32 screws. If you require special size screws, please let your dealer know at the time of order.

5. How would I locate a product on your site?

Go to product, select the collection or the theme, select the picture you will like to view, move mouse over the left of the picture to go to the previous picture or the right to go to the next picture.

6. How long will it take to process my order?

Quick Ship items take approximately 1 to 4 business days, Special Orders 14 to 21 business days and Bath & Home Accessories 3 to 5 weeks.

7. Do you offer expedited shipping?

Yes. All Carpe Diem orders are shipped UPS Ground unless instructed otherwise, fees applied.


8. Do you Drop Ship?

Yes, we do drop ship at not extra cost.

9. What are your return policies?

Carpe Diem reserves the right to make product improvement changes in specifications, materials and finish details. All merchandise produced by Carpe Diem is handmade; variations in finish colors and crystal colors may occur and is considered part of the manufacturing process and is not considered defective. The techniques and hand applications involved produce truly unique colors and each piece may vary from display or catalog finishes and colors pictures. Product item(s) containing crystal(s) and/or glaze(s) are a NON-RETURNABLE product. Please contact the dealer which you purchased from before returning any merchandise.

10. What is the warranty on Carpe Diem products?

No warranty is expressed or implied. The customer shall test and verify the suitability of the product for intended use prior to installation. No warranty for unintended use is made. Carpe Diem’s only obligation is replacement or credit (limited to the price paid to Carpe Diem) for product proven defective. Carpe Diem has no control over end use of product sold or installation procedures used. All material must be inspected before installation. We are not liable for normal wear and tear, and natural weathering of surfaces. Problems due to misuse, abuse and/or the use of incompatibility of cleaning materials (e.g. solvent-based or abrasive cleaning products) must not be used and may result in damage and is not covered by warranty. All products are warranted to be of good quality. If product is deemed to be defective in workmanship or material, we will replace or refinish the specific defective item(s) within two (2) years from date of original purchase order and is non-transferable noting variations in finish colors, crystal colors and materials are subject to change due to occasional manufacturer, revisions, refinishing or replacement of said pieces. Any and all refinishing costs of non-defective item(s) will be the responsibility of the owner. Carpe Diem does not imply or guarantee product or colors or crystals associated with a previous purchase to match. Carpe Diem will not be liable for any labor, shipping or other costs involved with the sale, use or replacement of said materials.

11. Can I purchase Carpe Diem product on this website?

No. We sell only through Carpe Diem dealers that have showrooms where customers can visit and see our Cabinet Hardware and Bath & Home Accessories. Some of Carpe Diem showroom dealers also have a website, and you may find Carpe Diem products for sale online from them. In order to protect our clients, we do have a “M.A.P.” (Minimum Advertised/Published/Posted Price) policy in place.

12. Is your product made in U.S.A?

Yes. All Carpe Diem products and the components used to manufacture and ship our product are all made in the U.S.A.

13. Do you offer Appliance Handles?

Yes. We carry a large selection of oversize handles for appliances. To locate these items, go to product and then select the collection or the theme of your preference. Note: These oversize handles are not offered on every collection.

14. What are the lengths of your Appliance Handles?

We offer 6", 9", 12", 18" and 22" handles. Custom sizes can be made upon your request, fees applied. We recommend the use of Decorative Center Braces for items 18" and longer.