About Us

Carpe Diem Hardware is the designer and manufacturer of high-end decorative cabinet hardware, bath hardware, home accessories and gift related treasurers made in the U.S.A. The Carpe Diem collections represent a multitude of diverse themes founded in Classical, Eastern and Asian, Renaissance, Tropical, Mission, Americana and Lodge to Modern elements.


Carpe Diem Hardware was founded by jewelry designer and sculpture Anne. From her early childhood having lived and schooled in Europe, Anne has always had a great love for architecture, design and nature. Her explorations of European churches, museums, castles and landscapes contributed to and have been the inspiration for Carpe Diem.


Carpe Diem Hardware is the Authorized SWAROVSKI Elements Designer and Manufacturer of Home Products for North America, with the hardware industry’s largest collection of Decorative Hardware and Home Accessories containing SWAROVSKI Elements.


The Carpe Diem logo was chosen because it represents new life, and also because it shows hands, symbolizing that each piece in the Carpe Diem collection is made by hand. Carpe Diem is truly from the heart and soul, with love and passion.


Anne formed Carpe Diem and its extensive “Family” of original designed products. She is a pioneer and leader in original designer products for the home, office, commercial applications, and installations.


Anne views what she creates as one of “Life’s joys’” and is matched only by the “Fun” in designing and sculpting “Works of Art” for her own pleasure, home, office, and studio environment.


Anne’s desire to avoid repetitiveness and mediocrity has led her to be innovative, original and prolific. At the same time her work embodies “Style, Simplicity, Elegance, Quality of workmanship and Affordability”.


Carpe Diem is from the heart and soul, with love and passion.


20 years Designing & Manufacturing Home Products for Residential, Commercial and Hospitality industry.

Anne was one of the first to design cabinet hardware featuring a left and right design, like earrings.

Anne designed her Bin/Cup pulls with a deeper recess; thereby lessen the chance of damaging ones nails.

Manufacture & Fulfillment: Rhode Island, U.S.A.

Product Metal: Lead-free pewter.

Finishes & Applications: 12-Patina Colors - Opaque & Transparent Glazes - Precious & Semi-Precious Stones and we use only genuine SWAROVSKI Elements.

Principal Collections Include: Cabinet & Bath Hardware, Long Pulls, Appliance Pulls, Escutcheons, Wall Plates & Accessories.

Special Orders (made-to-order): Cabinet Hardware 7-14 business days, Bath Hardware 14-21 business days.

The Manufacture: Rhode Island, U.S.A